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Tenik [userpic]
Bacon, Water Chestnut and Spinach Salad
by Tenik (tenik)
at March 11th, 2008 (07:33 pm)
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I adore salad so I thought I start things of with one of my favourites. Originally this recipe was the spinach salad in Alison and Simon Holst's Sensational Salads, but I've adjusted a few things.


Bacon, Water Chestnut and Spinach Salad

Approx 4-6 servings*
400-500g fresh spinach leaves
4-6 rashers of bacon
250g button mushrooms
Can of water chestnuts

Olive oil (2-3 tbsp)
Red or White wine vinegar (2 tbsp)
Rock Salt
Grainy mustard (2-3 tsp)
A bit of ground garlic (the stuff you can get in tubes is really handy!)

You probably don't need this part.
Just make sure the spinach and mushrooms are washed. Grill the bacon and break into pieces (let it cool before adding to salad). Slice up the mushrooms, water chestnuts and avocado. Put everything together.

Make the dressing by mixing everything together in a screwtop jar. Don't pour over the salad until right before serving.


*I usually only make it for one so do not know how exact these amounts are, but when it comes to salad it's easy to just guess.