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Food, An Important Part of a Balanced Diet

Likes To Cook
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Food, An Important Part of a Balanced Diet
A community for sharing successful recipes.

You may be wondering how this is different from the many other cooking communities out there and the answer is this: pictures. Every recipe will and must have a picture. Perhaps I'm the only one, but I can't cook anything new unless I have a picture. It gives you something to aim for and lets you pick things to cook based on how good they look.

Feel free to friend this community to read the recipes.
If you would like to contribute recipes then please join the community.

The Rules

  • Each recipe must be accompanied by at least one picture (of a reasonable size please). The picture can be a photo you took, scanned picture from a cookbook/magazine or even an image found on the internet of different food that resembles your recipe is okay.
  • It does not have to be your own recipe. But if you didn't invent it please acknowledge your source.
  • You must have tried cooking the recipe. So if someone asks if it's meant to be a yellowish colour after step six then you can confidently answer from experience.
  • Tag your post with the food type for easier searching.